At a Glance

Sensoleak is pushing the boundaries of AI innovation in the energy industry in general and in the Oil & Gas sector in particular. ELDS, Sensoleak’s early leakage detection system, enables pipeline and machinery operators to better monitor, manage and maintain critical failures, leakages, ruptures and oil/gas/water theft incidents.  

Sensoleak’s system aims to reduce pipeline leakages and other critical operational failures to as close as possible to zero, by identifying the defects which are forming inside a pipeline (i.e. inner corrosion) and would eventually escalate into a leak. By identifying these defects and their location early enough, Sensoleak allows pipeline operators to treat and fix them before they cause significant damage.

Sensoleak’s system is based on a machine-learning algorithm which is able to recognize very small deviations from the normal behavior of the pipe or the machine by analyzing, in real-time, incoming data transmitted from the sensors and gauges installed on the pipeline. Sensoleak’s system does not require additional hardware; rather, it relies on existing sensors that are already in use by the operators.

Where pipeline health and safety may become compromised by events such as drilling, digging, theft, or sabotage, Sensoleak’s system immediately alerts when there are related vibrational and/or seismic changes around the pipeline, thus potentially preventing damage before reaching the pipe.

Sensoleak, a Houston based company, has the diverse knowledge and expertise to provide optimal solutions to growing global demand for better leakage detection and prevention, and more cost-effective predictive maintenance of any equipment in the energy network.      

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