Data Analysis

There are numerous types of data surrounding the categorization of pipeline network leakages as well as leakage event identification:

Sudden Leakages – These are characterized by sudden and random flows of 50 – 300 litres per day, which can lead to significant losses of flow in piping systems.

Our solution: Since Sensoleak’s software monitors every pipeline system under its control continuously, it will immediately detect this type of leakage by the sudden and abrupt changes in the pipeline’s flow parameters.

Small and growing Leakages – our experience indicates that these begin as a leakage of 30 litres per minute or less, and gradually increase to 300 litres per minute and beyond.

Our solution: Sensoleak’s real-time analysis software is capable of detecting the small initial leakage immediately, and correctly classifying it as a reportable leak after a few measurement cycles. Our advanced statistical analyses keep false alarms to a minimum, and the detection of small leakages allows for their immediate treatment before they escalate.

Leakages after maintenance work on a piping system – Sensoleak’s software is capable of detecting abnormal flow behaviour within a pipeline network or segment, after maintenance works or connections to one or more new sections. Our system monitors and learns the flow pattern and is able to differentiate between regular consumption events and leakages by analyzing the flow rates, pressures and consumption patterns in various adjacent piping segments.